Wednesday – 160817

Wednesday – 160817



  • Volleyball and BBQ!!!
    • This Saturday, 4pm @ Anderson Park
    • We will have two grills set up – bring something to grill for yourself and a side to share
  • Get signed up for the Lurong Championship Nutrition/Lifestyle Challenge
    • Registration is open for our biggest nutrition challenge of the year!  SIGN UP HERE
    • Challenge starts Sept 12th


Every 90 seconds for 12 minutes (8 sets):
4-Stop Halting Clean Deadlift* + Hang Squat Clean
*Pause for 2 seconds at each of the folloing positions: 2″ off the floor, mid-patella, mid-thigh, and “pockets” – then stand fully, decend to mid-thigh and perform 1 Hang Squat Clean.


In teams of 2, alternate to complete 4 rounds each of (25 min cap):
10 Calorie Row
20 Thrusters (45)
30 KB Swings (55/35)