Monday – 161107

Monday – 161107

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  • Schedule Update:
    • Thursday, November 24th – Closed for Thanksgiving
    • Friday, November 25th – Only 1 class at 10am


4 sets of:
Bench Press x 3-5 reps
rest 60 seconds
Strict Pull Ups/Chin Ups x Max unbroken reps
(Sets 1 & 3 do Pull Ups, sets 2 & 4 do Chin Ups)
rest 60 seconds


For reps:
Tabata Row (for calories)
rest 2 minutes
Tabata Lateral Hops over PVC (24″/20″)
rest 2 minutes
Tabata Sandbag Halfmoons

Note: A Tabata is an interval consisting of 20 sec of all out effort followed by a 10 sec rest and repeated for 8 rounds. Your score is the total number of reps completed in all of the 8 rounds. Add completed reps from each exercise together for total score. The Row is measured in Calories.