Monday – 160905

Monday – 160905


Happy Birthday Carrie!


  • Schedule Update:
    • Today – Only 1 class at 10am (Team WOD, bring your friends!)
    • Wednesday, Sept. 7th, no 7pm class for our monthly coaches meeting
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In teams of 4, complete the following for time:

400m Plate Pinch Relay (35’s/25’s) – 100m each
200 Alternating Push Ups*
200 Alternating Burpee Wall Ball Shots over the Bar (14)
200 Alternating Push Ups*
400m Plate Pinch Relay (35’s/25’s) – 100m each

*All athletes must hold the top of the Push Up position while not performing a Push Up. If any athlete from the team collapses while performing a Push Up or holding the top position before the team reaches 200, all athletes perform a 100m penalty run.