About WMCF

West Metro CrossFit is dedicated to the pursuit of fitness.  We provide a fun, encouraging atmosphere where members work to experience real, long-term results. We want you to move better, stronger and faster in and out of the gym!

Our training focuses on functional movement, i.e., movement that incorporates everyday physical actions, performed properly at high intensity. This type of training is proven to deliver results faster and will lead to an overall improvement in quality of life that extends beyond physical benefits.

Our extensive knowledge, understanding and communication of the mechanics behind the movements and why they’re important allows each member to receive personalized attention tailored to his or her needs allowing faster improvement and growth.

Whether you’re a seasoned crossfitter or just checking it out we are here to guide and challenge you to the next level.

Everyone is welcome! Our members range from experienced crossfitters to stay at home moms, former college athletes to weekend warriors and everything in between.

The first thing to know about our coaches is that they are just like you, they have goals and they started somewhere.  Everyone who walks through our doors is aspiring to better tomorrow than they are today and our coaches are no different.  They understand that it’s hard to get started, that at first it’s hard to stay committed, and that this is like no training program you’ve ever experienced before.  They understand this because they were there too in the beginning.  They also know that if they motivate and inspire you, you will reach levels in your fitness you never knew were possible.  And guess how they know that…because they’ve done it and they continue to do it every day!

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Visit us at 9491 W 44th Ave #112, Wheat Ridge, CO