WOD – 010130

General Warm-up

Skip 10 laps around the gym
Crossover Symmetry

Group Warm-up


Single Arm Farmer Carry for 13 trips back and forth across the gym.  Hold a KB in one hand, change hands as needed, but perform 5 burpees every time you switch hands or set the KB down.


1) For time w/ a 5 min cap:
60 Double Unders
20 Thrusters (95/65)
15 Box Jumps (24″/20″)
10 Power Snatch (95/65)
2) 7 min AMRAP of:
2 Burpees over Barbell
2 Clean and Jerk (115/75)
4 Burpees over Barbell
4 Clean and Jerk
Note: Continue to add 2 reps to each round until time expires.

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