Wednesday – 180905


WMCF Field Day

  • Saturday, September 29th @ 1pm
  • Teams of 2 (MM, FF, MF)
  • $30/team
  • more details coming soon…


Part 1
3 sets of:
10 Superman/Hollow Flips
10 Supine Ring Rows @ 30X2

Part 2
3 sets of:
Advanced – Max Kipping Pull Ups (if capable of >20, wear a vest)
Standard – 5 Pull Up Negatives (3-5 second descent)

Note: To perform Part 2 Advanced, athletes must be able to perform a Strict Pull Up


In 1:15 complete as many reps as possible of:
Sprint 100m
Max reps of Toes to Bar

Note: Rest 1 minute, repeat for a total of 5 rounds. Score is total T2B.

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