Tuesday – 180213

Thank you all! I had an amazing birthday!


  • Schedule Update:
    • No class Friday night (2/16) – Granite Games Throwdown Set Up
    • No class Saturday (2/17) – Granite Games Throwdown
    • Monday (2/19) 10am WOD Only – President’s Day
  • Granite Games Throwdown
    • When: Feb 17th
    • Where: West Metro CrossFit
  • CrossFit Open 2018/Friday Night Lights
    • The CrossFit Open is just a few weeks away!  Sign up to test your fitness and see where you stand.  This is a great way to get a snapshot of your fitness!  Register HERE


Max 20″ Step Ups in 20 minutes
immediately followed by…
Max reps of the following DB Complex (50’s/35’s) in 10 minutes
(Push Up on DB’s, Power Clean, Push Press)

Note: Score Step Ups and DB Complex separately

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