Thursday – 180920


WMCF Field Day

  • NOT A CROSSFIT COMP – Think 3-legged race, egg toss, etc!!!
  • Saturday, September 29th @ 1pm
  • Teams of 2 (MM, FF, MF)
  • $30/team
  • If you would like an event shirt please be sure to order one on the back board!


5 sets of:
Overhead Press x 5 reps @ 65%
Supine Ring Rows x 10 reps @ 2121
Hanging L-Hold x 30 seconds (accumulated)


3 rounds for time of (16 min cap):
Run 400m
10 Single-arm DB Push Press, left (50/35)
10 Single-arm DB Push Press, right (50/35)
15 Ring Dips

Note: For the Single-arm DB Push Press, hold 2 dumbbells or kettlebells in the front racked position, then perform 10 reps with one arm while holding the other DB/KB in the front racked position.

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