Personal Training

The benefits of personal training are infinite. Working one on one with one of our experienced and dedicated coaches will help you reach goals and improve in areas of weaknesses. The benefits of personal training have proved so effective that it has become a popular service amongst our athletes. With each personal training session, athletes are given individualized homework to be completed before the next personal training session.
Whether you are a beginner athlete or someone with experience who is looking for more accuracy and bigger weight on the bar, personal training is a great choice for you.

Are Clients Typically Fall Into One of Three Categories



This is for athletes whose needs are more sports specific. This allows for either strength or crossfit part of the year and personal training part of the year. Only taking part in crossfit isn’t going to cut it for keeping the competitive advantage on the competition.

Post Rehab

Post Rebah

Client who are coming back from an injury need to have a transition period from physical therapy to getting back into their normal routine. These client have special needs when they are recovering from an injury. Post rehab care bridges the gap back into fitness and does it safely. Our Ultimate goal is to get back to as much function as possible and get back to their normal class schedule

Individualized Plans

Individualized Plans

Some of our clients would rather not work out in a group.Our goal for these clients is to cater to their specific needs and even psychologically try and prepare them to work out in a group. We want to get them to a point to get back into the classes and group training. We also have clients who need the dedicated time one-on-one with a coach to help get them to the next level and make sure all their individual needs are met

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