Monday – 161128

Black Friday - Cyber Monday 2016


  • Physical Therapy TONIGHT!!!
    • Dr. Ed Bloom will be in the gym tonight (11/28) from 5-7pm offering screens, dry needing, graston and more.
    • Screens are FREE, dry needing and graston are $15, graston only is $10.
    • Comment on our Facebook post with your desired time to sign up for your 15 min spot between 5-7pm.
  • Naughty or Nice – Give a Gift, Get a Lift
    • Donate a toy and get your lift on for a great cause!
    • Toys will be donated to Toys for Tots
    • Register HERE


Every 90 seconds for 12 minutes of (2 sets each):
Station 1 – Muscle Ups x 3-6 reps
(or 5 Strict Pull Ups + 5 Strict Ring Dips)
Station 2 – Superman to Hollow Flips x 10 reps in each direction
Station 3 – Supine Ring Rows x 10 reps @ 2111
Station 4 – Handstand Walk x 45-60 seconds – use partner assistance if needed
(or do a Nose to Wall Handstand Hold if you still need to work on getting comfortable inverted)


Against a 2 minutes running clock, complete:
200m Run
Max reps of Push Ups
rest 2 minutes between sets, repeat for a total of 6 rounds

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