Monday – 160307


20 min to establish a 1RM Back Squat


For time:
500m Row
Note: This should be an all out effort.
When the clock reaches 4 min:
30 Manmakers for time (40’s/25’s) DEMO
Note: There will be 2 scores for this workout.  1 for the Row and 1 for the Manmakers (e.g. 1:47/4:56)

New schedule starting next Monday 160314

WMCF Schedule160314
Click image to enlarge
Once again I want to thank everyone that provided feedback during our Member Panel a couple of weeks ago.  In response to your requests and suggestions regarding the schedule, we have made some changes that we hope will represent your desires the best we can.  The new schedule begins next Monday March 14th.  Some of the key changes are:
  • CrossFit Kids is back to M-W-F
  • 6 & 7pm classes have returned a couple of nights a week
  • We’ve added a 4:30pm classes a couple of days a week
  • We’ve separated Mobility and Barbell WOD so that athletes can participate in both
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