Friday – 170929


  • Schedule Update
    • Saturday, Sept 30th 9am & 10am classes are cancelled for our In-house Weightlifting Competition
  • In-house Weightlifting Competition
    • Sept 30th
      • Check-in/Weigh-in – 8:30am-9:00am
      • Opening Remarks – 9:00am
      • Lifting Begins – 9:30am
    • Informational meetings will be held Wednesdays and Saturdays after Barbell WOD
    • No weight classes – scoring explained at info meetings
    •  USAW lifting standards
    • $20 registration fee – REGISTER HERE


Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes (5 sets):
Push Press x 5 reps @ 50% of 1RM Jerk


Pick Your Own Poison

You may pick a WOD that you missed from earlier in the week or choose a named CrossFit workout – the girls, heroes, or games workouts. You may not create your own WOD. This is an excellent time to test benchmarks or make up missed strength workouts.


For time:
30 Wall Ball Shots (20/14)
21 Toes to Bar
20 Wall Ball Shots (20/14)
15 Toes to Bar
10 Wall Ball Shots (20/14)
9 Toes to Bar

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