Posture, Mobility, & Rehabilitation

Often times, and by often I mean nearly everybody, people come to us with less than ideal posture/mobility.  We also see many clients in need of a little rehab.


When it comes to poor posture for most people, it’s a simple case of muscle imbalances that need to be corrected.  These muscle imbalances are usually acquired through sedentary jobs (aka sitting all day) or poor movement patterns that have been repeated for years.  Our Corrective Exercise Specialist, Soloman, can help design a program specific to your needs and your posture.  We begin by inhibiting and lengthening the shortened, overactive muscle and activating the lengthened, under-active muscle to regain proper length tension relationships in the muscle and work towards synergistic, integrated motion where all the muscles work together as they are designed.  For more information click here.


Almost daily our coaches have to tell athletes to get lower in their squats or get their arms higher or more overhead, and the response from the athlete is almost always the same – I can’t.  To that we say, “you can’t…yet.”

When an athlete lacks a desired range of motion in an exercise, it is typically for one or more of the following 3 reasons: lack of flexibility, lack of strength, or laziness.  The simple answer is to stretch what’s tight, strengthen what’s weak, and don’t be lazy!  Like I said that’s the simple answer.  The reality is that most often athletes aren’t lazy but they don’t know what is tight, what is weak, and further how to fix those things.  Our mobility expert, once again Soloman, can help you with that.  If the need or desire is there for an athlete to work on mobility outside of the group classes, we can assess your mobility needs and design a mobility program to fit those needs.  For more information click here.


For those athletes that come to us with a history of chronic pain or injury, we design a comprehensive rehab program to get that athlete back to health.  Not only do we work to regain normal range of motion, rebuild basic strength, and reduce/eliminate pain, we work towards leading these athletes to new levels of fitness they never believed possible.  Our goal isn’t to just get you to walk or run again, it’s to get you to set a new record on your 5k.  It’s not just to get you to squat again, it’s to get you lifting weights like your knees never hurt and to do it pain free.  For more information click here.

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